[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar MC Lars – Where Ya Been Lars? II Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu



Where ya been Lars, where ya been? (x8)


I’ve been touring every where just to bring those joyful smiles
On a four-year long mission, guess this album took awhile
Been to Auckland, been to Glasgow, been to Anchorage and back
Now I rock a North Face jacket and a brand new A’s cap
I’ve been at it for a decade, can’t believe I’m 32
Or how cord kord chord MC Lars – Where Ya Been Lars? II Lyrics kunci gitar much of lirik terjemahan arti indonesia MC Lars – Where Ya Been Lars? II Lyrics download mp3 what I said on “Download this Song” chords MC Lars – Where Ya Been Lars? II Lyrics lyrics came true
I answered every single question on my Reddit AMA
And for 17 whole minutes it was up on the front page
I dropped an introspective album not a lot of people liked
But I felt a little better when my Dad said it was tight (right?)
I played Carnegie Hall and produced a hundred tracks
I lost 35 pounds (yeah!), I gained 25 back (oh?)
I gave a lot of hugs and I shook a lot of hands
You will never meet an MC who’s more grateful for his fans (thank you guys!)
I’ve been working on this TV show, it’s really going great
Coming to the screen near you in 2038

The show’s called “Yes, Yes Y’all!”, and basically it’s the story of me and three robots, one spider, who travel through time to learn about history through a hip-hop cultural lens. There’s Pickles, the vituperative DJ with giant eyes that are turntables. There’s Michelle, the anthropomorphic microphone, and there’s Art the gigantic spray paint can… and then there’s Crazy Legs, who’s this spider with eight Adidas’s, who’s dancing and stuff like that. Imagine if Jam Master Jay had eight legs, how much vinyl he could mix? But anyway, you’ve got to wait for it because in the meantime, here’s my fourth album!